Hey there!

I'm Samantha/Sam McKenzie, the Aussie artist hanging out in this corner of the internet. Your presence here, reading my story and exploring my art, gives me so much gratitude.

My lifelong dream has been twofold: to craft a vibrant, creative business and to foster a likeminded creative community. Through my art, I aim to resonate and connect with others by capturing the essence of life in Australia. That collective  feeling of warm summer nights, dusty country roads, lazy Sunday mornings, and the simple joys of everyday life experienced by myself and countless others in this sunburnt land.

As I write this (with one hand occupied cradling my little baby girl), I feel a renewed sense of purpose. Parenthood has ignited in me an even greater determination to cultivate a life rich in creativity, play and meaning. I aspire to nurture a business that not only empowers others but also embodies love and community, teaching my children the value of hard work, self-belief, and surrounding oneself with those who radiate positivity.

I hope that as you peruse my creations, you'll find pieces that resonate with you, evoking laughter, nostalgia, and joy. Your support not only fuels my passion but also enables me to pursue what I love while cherishing precious moments at home with my little ones. For that, I am endlessly grateful.

With warmth and creativity,