Hi there friend, I'm Sam, the owner, artist and curator of Sam McKenzie Studio.
Growing up in rural South Australia, from an early age I developed a deep love and connection to the beauty of nature. Surrounded by dense scrubland, our childhood home was a haven for local flora and fauna deep in the Australian bushland and often, as a family we would take walks in search of beautiful rare orchids, mushrooms and birdlife . Pairing this with a childhood spent trawling through antique stores and clearing sales (albeit reluctantly at the time) with my parents, in search of patina and inspiration by all things vintage and nature inspired.
When it comes to creating art, the meticulous craft of traditional natural history illustrators of the 18th and 19th century heavily inspires my work. I paint in a style that pays homage to traditional styles, but with a modern take. My aim is to see my work inject warmth into modern day homes, and also compliment homes with that vintage touch. This enables me to incorporate my passions for art, vintage and nature into my design process.
On a personal note, art is my passion and the very fact that you find yourself on this page reading my story gives me gratitude beyond belief. I hope you enjoy the work I create and that you discover a piece that makes it into your heart and home. Your support helps me to continue to do what I love, whilst affording me the ability to work from home and raise my babies, and for that I am eternally grateful. 
Sam x